Styling Services

Hi all! Long time no see… or talk.. or… well, you get the idea! I’ve been ultra-busy with my new job as a full-time 1st grade teacher. I’m still wearing my trademark girly outfits to work, but 5am is not a conducive wake time for blog photos! So for now…
styling services
styling services
I wanted to reach out to you about a new route I’m taking in my styling services – Keaton Row.
Keaton Row is free to sign up and free for service – you only pay if you buy something that has been recommended! Keaton Row works with a wide variety of retailers (Nordstrom, Shopbop, ASOS), so there is a great expanse of brands and style options available. Plus, they have mens’ and kids’ options available for your others halves and little ones! Basically, you let me know your style preferences, and I can put together some look books for you to peruse – no commitment necessary!
If you’re interested, click through, sign up, and I’d love to put something together for you!