Great Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

hair loss

Wherever we look, at the back of our shirt, on our comb, on our pillow and where we may rest our head, we see signs of hair fall. Resolve them with the following easy hair care tips:

Coconut Oil: A regular coconut oil massage will help strengthen hair growth, right from the roots to the tip.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry): Amla is vitamin C rich and high in antioxidants which help solve most hair problems. Amla could be applied to the scalp.

Eggs: Eggs are great for treating hair loss as they contain proteins and minerals.  A hair pack containing egg whites and olive oil works very well for the hair.


Diet:  Proteins are one of the very important nutrients to stimulate hair growth significantly. They help new hair grow, in place of the old ones. Foods like beans, cheese, milk, nuts, grains, and fish, the chicken should be included in your daily diet.

Iron: Lack of iron weakens hair, right from the roots, and causes it to fall excessively. Ensure you eat spinach, soybeans,  red kidney beans, chicken, meat, eggs and fish for iron intake.

Aloe vera juice and Neem paste. This treatment is good to control hair fall.

Green Tea: Green tea revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates hair production. It also enhances your metabolism which ultimately leads to increased rate of hair growth.