An Experiment in Extreme Weather Photography (Part I)

So, Hawaii is beautiful. Sun, sand, surf, tropical scenery, beautifully warm… but it can get super windy. Taking outfit photos when you can’t even stop the wind from blowing your clothes off (metaphorically – mostly…) is super difficult! Plus, my trusty photographer (thanks, mom!) can barely get a look at the viewfinder when her hair is blowing in her face, too! (100 bonus points if you’re old enough to even know what a viewfinder is.) We did our best. 😉
On Saturday, we took a little ride from where we are staying (Kihei) down to Lahaina… we walked around the shops (I got a vintage-inspired tourist-y Maui tee that I’m sure you’ll be seeing here soon!), grabbed some Lappert’s ice cream (a Hawaiin staple!), and basked in the shade of the 100 plus-year-old giant Banyan tree!