An Experiment in Extreme Weather Photography (Part I)

So, Hawaii is beautiful. Sun, sand, surf, tropical scenery, beautifully warm… but it can get super windy. Taking outfit photos when you can’t even stop the wind from blowing your clothes off (metaphorically – mostly…) is super difficult! Plus, my trusty photographer (thanks, mom!) can barely get a look at the viewfinder when her hair is blowing in her face, too! (100 bonus points if you’re old enough to even know what a viewfinder is.) We did our best. 😉
On Saturday, we took a little ride from where we are staying (Kihei) down to Lahaina… we walked around the shops (I got a vintage-inspired tourist-y Maui tee that I’m sure you’ll be seeing here soon!), grabbed some Lappert’s ice cream (a Hawaiin staple!), and basked in the shade of the 100 plus-year-old giant Banyan tree!

Sayonara, Summer

There comes a very sad time in every teacher’s life where she has to say farewell to summer, on a yearly basis, and is bombarded by 2 weeks’ worth of trainings, meetings, laminating, and bulletin boards. This time has come for me. Cue the tears and violins.
I wore this Friday to a Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment induction, and then to a brief grade-level intro meeting. My first official full-time job has hit full-force… here goes nothing!
…at least I can look cute while doing it? This blue and white top makes me feel really happy – it reminds me of Santorini or Capri, and has me clinging to daydreams of a European island vacation! A girl can dream, can’t she?!

An Experiment in Extreme Weather Photography (Part II)

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As I mentioned yesterday, it gets supa-dupa windy here in Kihei! Still, I could NOT leave this beautiful ocean view without snapping some photos in front of it! Look at those clouds! That sky! That crystal-clear water! Against this tropical greenery! Heaven on earth, don’t you think?
On Friday, I decided to stay out of the sun while my sunburn decided to stay a nice, deep red. Lucky me. Still, we had the pleasure of driving to the local Geste Shrimptruck for a tasty plate lunch… Is yum the word of the week? (Yes!) We at our lunch pier side with some local kittens, pups, and older gents at the Senior Citizens Fishing Club! Some turtles even showed their faces!
Can you tell that our trips center around sunshine and delicious dining? After we recovered from our amazing shrimp lunch, we went to one of our favorite island staples – Shaka Pizza. YUM YUM YUM!
On Sunday night, we had an amaaaazing dinner at Monkeypod, a swanky joint in Wailea. I had some truly delicious and crispy fish & chips (with garlic truffle fries, might I add), and my mom had some heavenly sashimi grade seared ahi with jalapeño mashed potatoes! There are no words… And, of course, a perfect Hawaiian meal wouldn’t be complete without mai tais…

Styling Services

Hi all! Long time no see… or talk.. or… well, you get the idea! I’ve been ultra-busy with my new job as a full-time 1st grade teacher. I’m still wearing my trademark girly outfits to work, but 5am is not a conducive wake time for blog photos! So for now…
styling services
styling services
I wanted to reach out to you about a new route I’m taking in my styling services – Keaton Row.
Keaton Row is free to sign up and free for service – you only pay if you buy something that has been recommended! Keaton Row works with a wide variety of retailers (Nordstrom, Shopbop, ASOS), so there is a great expanse of brands and style options available. Plus, they have mens’ and kids’ options available for your others halves and little ones! Basically, you let me know your style preferences, and I can put together some look books for you to peruse – no commitment necessary!
If you’re interested, click through, sign up, and I’d love to put something together for you!

About Me


Hi! I’m a 27-year old Orange County girl, who will be starting her first full-time elementary teaching position in the fall! I’ve been dabbling in fashion since I got my first dress-up box and rocked those plastic shoes, polyester, and tulle! I’m busy figuring out my place in this life, all the while dressing for my happiness with the world as my runway – one outfit at a time! 🙂