Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Perfect & Preppy: Joules USA

{shirt: j. crew factory (similar) | vest: c/o joules usa | jeans: old navy | booties: forever 21 (similar) | glasses: c/o glasses usa}
Before a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Joules... however, as soon as I took one look at the homepage of their website, I was smitten! Their precious patterns and perfectly preppy styling sold me! I have always loved the idea of puffer vests, however, anytime I've ever owned one, I've felt like a marshmallow stuffed into a windbreaker! This one, however, is my new exception! Firstly, it isn't made out of that awkward, noisy plastic material - it's a really super-soft blend. Secondly, I love the bright color and the sweet floral lining! Last but not least, this vest is going to keep me WARM in the winter! (I know, I know, I live in Southern California, but hey - a girl can dream of a vacation fit for a snow bunny! In the meantime, it will be perfect for morning recess duty!) Joules has so many great vests to choose from!

Check out some more adorable options from Joules!

(hat / purse / dress / necklace / heels}
Last year at Coachella, a friend of mine described my outfit as "J. Crew goes to Coachella." I think he meant it as a compliment... I certainly took it as one! Well, this is my on-the-streets version of that desert look! The perfect little printed dress, beautiful tortoise and brown accessories, and a lovely little panama hat are so perfect for Sunday brunch!

{earrings / watch / heels / jeans / blouse / belt}
I love this silk blouse! I have been obsessing over sky blue for awhile now, and this shirt might just have to be mine soon! Pair a pretty blouse with flared jeans, a classic heel, and some statement earrings, and you've got an outfit that's perfect for Casual Friday!
{blazer / flats / shirt / necklace / earrings / skirt}
I know, I know... I went a little full-fledged Gossip Girl here, but I couldn't resist! These bow flats are just too cute! I love pairing bows with blazers, plus anchors and pearls put this preppy look over the top - in the best way!

Head over to Joules and let me know - what's your favorite piece?


  1. Fab vest! Joules has some great stuff. Love the J.Crew Coachella look too!


  2. Dani, I love the hidden print inside of your vest. You are so cute! I really enjoy looking through your blog. Your style is fun and laid back all at the same time. Go girl.



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