Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flower Power

{Dress: Target | Cardigan: Old Navy | Huaraches: JustFab | Watch: Urban Outfitters | Black bracelet: Chloe + Isabel | Love bracelet: StyleLoveLiving}

I was serious when I said I was having a no-pants summer. I also had a one-outfit weekend. Ok, I only wore this dress 2 days in a row, but who could tell? I picked it up at Target on clearance for about $12 because I locked eyes on the sassy vintage floral from across the store and I thought it was perfect for a family BBQ Sunday and then for babysitting Monday. I suppose it wasn't "perfect" for babysitting, really, but it did its duty. (Its duty being to cover my rear end and to not be pants.) I wonder how many more times I can wear it over the next week...

P.S. Did you all check out my guest post on Sarah's blog yesterday? Take a look-see!


  1. Nice look! Your blog looks really nice!


    Lisa Simone

  2. Why you so cute? Hahahahaha. This outfit is great though, for real.

  3. Love the print on this dress! Adorbz. Target really is the best. Love the red paired with this print.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments! Blogger never lets me get to your profile - says it's private - if you have a blog, let me know the address so I can visit! :)

  4. I love your skirt and your awesome accessories! I found you from Hilary because I was swooning over your iPhone case. Adorable blog!

  5. I love this! Definitely perfect for summer. Target has so many hidden gems, I have to walk through the clothes department even when I just need shampoo. It sucks you in!

  6. cute!! But I think you should shorten the length! I also love , love your watch!

  7. Pretty pretty pretty! Red and turquoise is one of my favourite colour combinations. Love! Target needs to hurry up and come to Canada already. I see lots of great pieces of clothing on bloggers for next to nothing prices and I'm jealous! Also is your arrow hea ring house of Harlow? I really like it!


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